Core Values

St. John's was built in Woodland, for the people of Woodland (and surrounding areas). That means that the men and women who live here are already our neighbors, friends, and even family. And if they aren't yet, we treat them like they are because that's who we are and what we want for ourselves and our loved ones.

Moving to St. John's is like coming home. The sights, sounds, and many of the faces are already familiar and welcoming. The warmth and care we wrap our seniors in is like an Afghan blanket.

But there's very little time to knit. Our active seniors are too busy living the good life. The sunset years are prime for living a life full of leisure, volunteering, and active engagement. Rather than power napping, you're more likely to find them outside power walking in the perpetual California sunshine. We do out best to keep them active and engaged because a busy retiree is a happy retiree.

Every decision our board makes is to perpetuate the highest quality of life and best senior living experience possible for our residents.

Board of Directors' Core Values for St. John's Retirement Village/Stollwood Convalescent Hospital

  • Be visionary leaders: act with intention, insight and boldness
  • Provide creative solutions
  • Have compassion: honor all choices
  • Value everyone and provide care with respect and sincerity
  • Create the safest community of services
  • Provide individualized education, support, networking, and resources to encourage lifelong learning
  • Promote independence and cultural diversity
  • Engender trust and dependability and support accountability at all levels

Come visit us at St. John's and experience the difference for yourself.

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