St. John's Retirement Village (SJRV) was created for and by the community, and it continues to be supported by the people of Yolo County and beyond.

The retirement community began in 1964 when the Stoll family recognized the need for a secure environment where the seniors of our community could be treated with dignity and quality of life could be maintained. They gifted their estates, totaling $750,000 toward the goal of establishing a non-profit retirement facility in Yolo County.  The funding helped purchase the 14 acres upon which St. John's operates today.

The first phase of construction began with 13 courtyard apartments, two cottages and the main building, which included a kitchen and administrative offices. The second phase brought a third cottage and the 48-bed Stollwood Convalescent Hospital.

By 1980, ten more cottages were built, and in 1988 the Personal Care Unit (PCU) was completed. In 1999 the Alzheimer's Manors East and West and a chapel were added to the campus.

Today the campus consists of:

Three acres remain undeveloped.

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