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Home Depot Adopts Oak Garden

More than 100 hours of labor and $5,000 was donated by Home Depot to renovate the Oak Garden located between the administration and Village apartment buildings. Christina Rocha, a Home Depot employee, was instrumental in getting the grant approved.

The retirement village project includes two patios for residents to enjoy the outdoors, a picnic table and benches. It also renovates the drainage system off of the administration building and beautifies the backup generator, which was installed with a City of Woodland Community Development Block Grant. A fencing structure will allow vines to grow around the backup generator, creating a natural and colorful covering.

St. John's supporter Janet Levers donated an elm tree for the project.

Stollwood Patio Project

Twenty patios and 13 flowerbeds surrounding Stollwood Convalescent Hospital were renewed and given new life through this project.

More than $10,000 was raised in memory and honor of loved ones. Those remembered include:

  • John Webb
  • Liesel & Ernst Firneau
  • Iver & Bluebell Johnson
  • Diana Napper
  • Eiko Pike
  • Warren Hiat & Louisa Long
  • Robert & Carolyn MacKinnon
  • Penelope Rice & William D. Clark
  • Leah Sieferman
  • Henry and Aieleen Delp
  • Alfred "Fritz" & Leona Blickle
  • Harold Plocher
  • Mimi Carver
  • Juanita Schroyer
  • Mildred Crawford
  • Lydia Alexander
  • Leni Maas
  • Pat Redmond.

Also honored were:

  • Corner Drug, Inc.
  • Ray & Helen Manville
  • Dewey Farms
  • Helen Daniels
  • Don Hayes
  • Victor & Yolando Swanson
  • Alma Webb
  • Bill & Jean Lockett.

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